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SuttaCentral is an online digital library of early Buddhist texts. It includes translations from the Pali, Chinese and Tibetan languages. In many cases, mulitple translations of an indivual text are provided.

From the website:

SuttaCentral is a website run by a small team, originally based in Australia. We have no institutional affiliation, but are just a group of friends interested in the Suttas. The founders are Rod Bucknell, John Kelly, and Bhante Sujato...
SuttaCentral aims at facilitating the study of Buddhist texts from comparative and historical perspectives. It focuses on the texts that represent “Early Buddhism”, texts preserved not only in the Pali Sutta and Vinaya Piṭakas but also in Chinese and Tibetan translations and in fragmentary remains in Sanskrit and other languages.
SuttaCentral offers a gateway to this material by enabling users to quickly identify the Chinese, Tibetan, and/or Sanskrit parallels of any given Pali discourse, or vice versa. Having found that information, one can consult the actual texts or view available translations.[1]


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