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auto translated from Polish wikipedia

This is auto translated from Polish - as there is no entry in the English Wikipedia. That's why the grammar is a bit unusual at times and the meaning sometimes not altogether clear. However what I have checked so far her has been accurate. I've added a more citations needed template as it needs more work to back them up as the original page has very little by way of cites just the one page, and not all the details confirmed by it. The author obviously knows more than they learnt from the linked ot page - as is common with wiki articles. They just haven't leartn to cite everything.

So - I think probably most of this is correct. So far I have confirmed:

  • He did play in that band under his previous name
  • He is a strong supporter of bkikkunni ordination for Therevadhan nuns
  • ONe of his main interests is in the authenticiyt of early sutras. Actually surprised his big paper is not mentioned, will copy the passage over from Pali Canon

Robert Walker (talk) 14:13, 24 January 2018 (CST)