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Question: what is the meaning of "nath"?


Bouddha Stupa
बौद्ध स्तूप
Boudhanath Panorama 2016.jpg
Bouddha Stupa Panorama
Boudhanath is located in Nepal
Shown within Nepal
Basic information
Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Geographic coordinates 27°43′17″N 85°21′43″E / 27.72139°N 85.36194°E / 27.72139; 85.36194Coordinates: 27°43′17″N 85°21′43″E / 27.72139°N 85.36194°E / 27.72139; 85.36194
Affiliation Buddhism, Hinduism
Architectural type Stupa
Height (max) 36 metres (118 ft)[1]
Official name: Bauddhanath, part of Kathmandu Valley
Type Cultural
Criteria iii, iv, vi
Designated 1979 (3rd session), revised 2006
Reference no. 121bis-005
  1. Department of Archaeology (Nepal). "Bouddha Stupa". Retrieved 3 May 2014.