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Non-abiding nirvana

Feedback: In the section on Nonabiding nirvana, it does summarize what the quote says - but what about paranirvana, how does that fit in? As I was taught the historical Buddha entered paranirvana and so is no longer active in the world, although because of the collapse of the three times, you can connect directly to the historical Buddha in the past, right now, today -. which is not really separate from the present. But he is no longer taking rebirth or active in the world because he entered paranirvana.


docetic is a term from Christianity, many Buddhists surely won't know what it means browse/docetic

Wheel turing buddhas

"A buddha remains actively engaged in enlightened activity to liberate beings for as long as samsara remains. "

most Buddhas do, but wheel turning Buddhas enter paranirvana and are no longer manifesting in samsara in an active way with new births or in other forms, although you can still connect to them directly through their past manifestation in this world as the historical Buddhas. When you make offerings to the Buddha - then for Shakyamuni you are welcoming the historical Buddha into your life - it's like being back there when he was alive and welcoming him into your life.

Need to verify this.