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We hear that after this meeting Upaka went to the Va¸kah¤ra country and there, having been attended to by a certain Capa, a hunter's daughter, fell in love with her and married her. Thereafter he made his living selling the meat the hunter killed. This Capa who had aparently admired Upaka as long as he had been an ascetic began to dispise him for having been entrapped by her and endlessly ridiculed him to the end that he left her and making his way to Savatthi, he found the Buddha and entered the order. It was said he became an Anagamin and being reborn in the Aviha Realm reached Arahantship there almost immediately. Capa too, apparently joined the order and became an Arahant.


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Longer story of life of Upaka here:

The Man who Missed Being the First Disciple of the Buddha Translated by Yasuo Saito from Kangi-Sekai Magazin