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The purpose of this template, Buddhist term, is to display a set of term-specific translations from languages historically associated with Buddhist texts. For this template, these languages are Pali, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Mon, Shan, Thai, Tibetan, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. Since this template is for the English-language Wikipedia, an English-language translation (if provided) is displayed at the top of the table.


Blank template

{{ Infobox Buddhist term
| title = 
| en = 
| pi = 
| sa = 
| bn = 
| my  = 
| my-Latn = 
| zh = 
| zh-Latn = 
| ja = 
| ja-Latn = 
| km = 
| km-Latn = 
| ko = 
| ko-Latn = 
| lo =
| mnw = 
| mnw-Latn = 
| shn = 
| shn-Latn = 
| si = 
| si-Latn = 
| ta = 
| th = 
| bo = 
| bo-Latn = 
| vi = 
| id = 


Parameters are:

  • title (optional template title) [if not specified, then the "pi" or "sa" parameter is used for the title]
  • en (English translation)
  • pi (Pali in IAST) [if "title" is not provided, then this value is the defaulted title]
  • sa (Sanskrit in IAST) [if "title" and "pi" are both not provided, then this value is the defaulted title]
  • si (Sinhalese)
  • si-Latn (Sinhalese transliteration)
  • bn (Bengali)
  • my (Burmese)
  • my-Latn (Burmese IPA)
  • mnw (Mon)
  • mnw-Latn (Mon IPA)
  • shn (Shan)
  • shn-Latn (Shan IPA)
  • zh (Chinese)
  • zh-Latn (pinyin)
  • ja (Japanese)
  • ja-Latn (Japanese transliteration)
  • km (Khmer)
  • ko (Korean)
  • ko-Latn (Korean transliteration: RR)
  • lo (Lao)
  • vi (Vietnamese)
  • bo (Tibetan)
  • bo-Latn (Tibetan transliteration)
  • th (Thai)
  • ta (Tamil)
  • id (Indonesian)
  • fontsize (default=85%)
  • collapsible (default=NULL and thus disabled; set TRUE to enable)

Required parameter: Either "title" or "pi" (Pali) or "sa" (Sanskrit) is a required parameter.

Display order: Above is the actual order in which provided translations are displayed regardless of the order in which the parameters are passed to this template.

Multiword values: Language-specific parameters can be passed multiword strings as demonstrated in the example below for the parameters en (English) and bo (Tibetan).


Translations of
Four Noble Truths
Pali cattāri ariyasaccāni
Sanskrit catvāri āryasatyāni
Bengali [চতুরার্য সত্য
chôturarjô sôtyô] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Burmese သစ္စာလေးပါး
(IPA: [θiʔsà lé bá])
Chinese 四聖諦(T) / 四圣谛(S)
Khmer អរិយសច្ចៈទាំង៤
Korean 사성제
(RR: saseongje)
Indonesian Empat Kebenaran Mulia

Example 1

The following text on the left is displayed as the template on the right.

{{Buddhist term
|title=Four Noble Truths
|pi=cattāri ariyasaccāni
|sa=catvāri āryasatyāni
|bn=চতুরার্য সত্য (chôturarjô sôtyô)
|zh=四聖諦(T) / [[:zh:四圣谛|四圣谛]](S)
|my-Latn=θiʔsà lé bá
|id=Empat Kebenaran Mulia

In this example, there is no "en" (English) parameter specified since the title is in English.

Translations of
English higher teaching,
Pali abhidhamma
Sanskrit abhidharmā
Bengali [অভিধর্ম্ম
ôbhidhôrmmô] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Burmese အဘိဓမ္မာ
(IPA: [əbḭdàɴma̰])
Chinese 阿毗達磨
Japanese 阿毘達磨
Khmer អភិធម្ម (aphitam)
Korean 아비달마
(RR: abidalma)
Sinhalese අභිධර්ම
Tibetan chos mngon pa
Thai อภิธรรม (apitam)
Vietnamese A-tì-đạt-ma

Example 2

The following text on the left is displayed as the template on the right.

{{Buddhist term
|bn=অভিধর্ম্ম (ôbhidhôrmmô)
|km=[[:km:អភិធម្ម|អភិធម្ម]] (aphitam)
|th=[[:th:อภิธรรม|อภิธรรม]] (apitam)
|bo=chos mngon pa
|en=higher teaching,<br />meta-teaching

In this example, no "title" parameter is specified, so the "pi" (Pali) parameter is used for the title. In addition, English is the last parameter passed but is the first value displayed in accordance with the enforced display order mentioned above.

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