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Template:PaliCanon lists the major texts of the Pali Canon in a sidebar.



Pali canon collections

A number of Tipitaka collections have multiple volumes. For instance, the Pali version of the Digha Nikaya is made up of three volumes in the Burmese, Sinhalese, Thai and PTS editions. While there is a significant degree of overlap in terms of the number of volumes per collection across the various editions, for the sake of this template's concrete representation the number of volumes per collection as represented by the standard Thai edition was chosen. (For more information on the number of volumes that comprise the Thai edition of the Pali canon, see www.budsir.com's "List of Tipitaka", retrieved 2007-05-15).

Note on volume naming: For the sake of representational simplicity, this template designates multi-volume collections by just the name of the collection itself, such as "Majjhima Nikaya." However, the actual name of an individual volume within a collection is traditionally represented in various ways. Thus, for instance, in Pali-language editions of the Pali Canon, the first individual volume of the Majjhima Nikaya is known as the Majjhimanikaya Mulapannasaka and can thus be abbreviated as "Ma.Mu." or, in accordance with Pali Text Society notation, simply "M I" or "M i." In addition, some volumes within a collection have a widely recognized name that does not reference the collection itself, such as the Khuddaka Nikaya's Dhammapada. Moreover, some volumes have different names and intra-collection ordering across different editions of the Pali Canon, such as the first book of the Vinaya which is the Parajika in the Burmese and Sinhalese editions and the Mahavibhanga 1 in the Thai edition.


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