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Template documentation

Template:Peoplepalicanon is meant to identify groups of people who readers might commonly come across when reading or reading about the Pāli Canon.

This template is not meant to identify single individuals but groups of individuals linked by one of many ways including core spiritual practices, religious beliefs, organizational affiliation, geographic residency, etc. (For information about specific individuals frequently identified in the Pāli Canon, articles such as Śrāvaka or Householder (Buddhism) or the Template:Buddhism might be of interest.)

As this template has developed, it has seemed to be useful to categorize the identified groups of people. At this time, this categorization could be represented as:

  • Buddhist Disciples
    • Monastics
    • Laity
  • Other Religions

Future categorizations might include "Townspeople" (such as the famed Kalamas) and "Other Worlds."