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<syntaxhighlight lang="html"></syntaxhighlight>

This template uses material from the Wikipedia template Template:Thin space , which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (view authors). Wikipedia logo
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This template can be used to display the HTML character entity &thinsp; (Unicode: U+2009).


Many browsers allow word wrapping at &thinsp;. Using this template will cause thin spaces to not word break. This web page can be used to check how Unicode space characters display in a browser window.


{{Coord|36|34|42|N|118|17|31|W}}<ref>example</ref>36°34′42″N 118°17′31″W / 36.57833°N 118.29194°W / 36.57833; -118.29194[1]

{{Coord|36|34|42|N|118|17|31|W}}{{Thinsp}}<ref>example</ref>36°34′42″N 118°17′31″W / 36.57833°N 118.29194°W / 36.57833; -118.29194[2]

  1. example
  2. example


This template takes one parameter, which is the text to be wrapped by two thin spaces. For example:

<syntaxhighlight lang="text" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">({{thinsp|symbol}})</syntaxhighlight> → (symbol )
as opposed to:
<syntaxhighlight lang="text" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">(symbol)</syntaxhighlight> → (symbol)

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