Treatise on the Three Natures

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The Treatise on the Three Natures (Skt. trisvabhāvanirdeśa; Tib. རང་བཞིན་གསུམ་ངེས་པར་བསྟན་པ་, rangshyin sum ngepar tenpa, Wyl. rang bzhin gsum nges par bstan pa) is a short treatise by Vasubandhu that describes the three natures.

This text is one of three short treatises by Vasubandhu that are known for presenting Vasubandhu's understanding of the Yogacara philosophy. (The other two treatises being the Viṃśatikā and the Triṃśikā.)[1]

This text is 38 stanzas long.


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In French

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