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Unconditioned (Skt. asaṁskṛta; T. འདུས་མ་བྱས་, 'dus ma byas) refers to phenomena that are not created through causes and conditions, and hence are not subject to arising, dwelling and ceasing.

The Abhidharma-kosha identifies three types of unconditioned things:[1]

  • space (T. nam mkha')
  • the cessation of corruption due to individual scrutiny (T. so sor brtags 'gog)
  • the cessation of the future arousal of any object independent of individual scrutiny (T. rtags min gyi 'gog pa)

The Madhyantavibhaga and the Khenjuk identify four types of unnconditioned things:[2]

  • the two kinds of cessation
  • space
  • suchness

Alternative translations

  • uncompounded
  • uncreated
  • unformed
  • substanceless
  • non-composite

Further reading

  • Khenjuk
  • Madhyantavibhaga
  • S. Goodman, "The Conditioned and Unconditioned" Chapter of Mi-pham rgya mtsho's mkhas-pa'i tshul-la 'jug-pa'i sgo, M.A Thesis, University of Saskatchewan, 1979

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