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FlaggedRevs error in {{pp-pc1}}

This is the semi-protection flag causes an error message - not a big deal as it was only used for Gautama Buddha but it doesn't seem to be working here yet.

We don't need it for now. I've just commented it out of Gautama Buddha. We can similarly remove it from all other articles that use it as we don't need the template.

Tests of it:

{{pp-pc1 |small=yes}}


{{#invoke:Protection banner|main}}

Lua error in Module:Effective_protection_level at line 60: attempt to index field 'TitleBlacklist' (a nil value).

Lua error in Module:Unicode_data

Fixed but onluy with a workaround:

Module talk:Lang Rolled back to earlier version to fix: " (Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 290: attempt to index local 'data_module' (a boolean value)"

Remaining errors are all fixed

Extended content

{{Navbox}} error, hlist shown vertically as bullets

| name      = Test
| bodyclass = hlist
| above=
* [[test 1]]
* [[test 2]]

Instant commons error

This image exists in Wikimedia commons but is not displayed here:

Photo of myself

I wondered if this is the same problem: a problem with permissions to connect to external networks in SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux):

They link to this issue:

By default 'Allow HTTPD scripts and modules to connect to the network' is unticked in 'system-config-securitylevel' ('SELinux' tab).

However am not sure where to go in CPanel to check if SELinux is installed or to configure it. Or do you check via the File Manager?

Missing parser extension flags

Shows as error on Ahimsa page of: Unknown extension tag "indicator"

It's a missing Parser Extension Tag, see Special:Version and scroll down to the extension tags section.

As of writing this, this wiki currently only has five of them: <gallery>, <nowiki>, <pre>, <ref> and <references>

The template triggering the error is {{Good article}} but it is actually an error in {{Top icon}}

Testing new templates

{{WP id}}

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