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Vicki Mackenzie (born 1947), an author and journalist, was born in England and spent much of her early life in Australia. The daughter of a naval officer, she graduated from Queensland University and became a reporter at the Sun newspaper in Sydney.

Later she moved on to London where she worked as a features writer on the Daily Sketch and the Daily Mail. She went on to write for the Sunday Times, The Observer, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Express, the Mail on Sunday and many national magazines.[1]


Since taking a month-long meditation course in Nepal in 1976, her primary interest has been to make the profundity of Buddhist philosophy accessible to the general public.[2] Her books on Buddhism and reincarnation include:

  • Reincarnation: the Boy Lama
  • Reborn in the West: the Reincarnation Masters
  • A Young Man of the Lama: a tale of drugs, hot sex, and violence in the fall of Tibet
  • Cave in the Snow: a Western woman's quest for enlightenment, 1999, ISBN 1-58234-045-5 (a biography of Tenzin Palmo, also about Freda Bedi)
  • Why Buddhism?: Westerners in search of wisdom
  • Child of Tibet (co-authored with Soname Yangchen), 2006
  • The Revolutionary Life of Freda Bedi: British Feminist, Indian Nationalist, Buddhist Nun, 2017

She was interviewed by the Radio National program The Spirit of Things in 2002 about her book, Why Buddhism? Westerners in Search of Wisdom.[3] Her book Cave in the Snow: a woman's quest for enlightenment was reviewed in Minneapolis City Pages.[4]

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  • Revolutionary Women: The Extraordinary lives of Freda Bedi and Tenzin Palmo by Vicki Mackenzie
    Description: Author and journalist Vicki Mackenzie tells the stories of two remarkable trail blazing women, friends who both shook the world with their extraordinary endeavours. British born Freda Bedi (the subject of her latest book) was an Oxford graduate, who broke all the rules of gender, race and religion, by marrying a Sikh and then fighting alongside Gandhi. She went on to become a professor, social worker, journalist, mother of four, and lastly a pioneering Buddhist nun, who helped bring Buddhism to the West. Tenzin Palmo, subject of best selling Cave in the Snow was born Diane Perry in London’s East End before disappearing into a Himalayan cave for 12 years to devote herself to serious meditation. Her vow was to become enlightened in a female body. She emerged as one of the leading Buddhist teachers in the world today.

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