Virudhaka (son of Prasenajit)

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Virūḍhaka (P. Viḍūḍabha; T. 'phags skyes po; C. zengzhang tian 增長天) is the name of a king of Kosala who ruled during the time of Gautama Buddha.[1][2]

Virūḍhaka was a son of King Prasenajit of Kosala, who first served as a general in his father’s army, but later usurped the throne. "As a boy he discovered that his mother, who had been offered to his father by the Śākyas, had originally only been a servant rather than a noblewoman as the Śākyas had claimed; and later, as king, in revenge he attacked and destroyed Kapilavastu, slaughtering most of the Śākya inhabitants."[1]


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