What the Buddha Taught

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What the Buddha Taught
File:What the Buddha Taught (Walpola Rahula book).jpg
Author Walpola Rahula
Subject Buddhism
Publisher Oneworld Publications
Publication date
ISBN 0-8021-3031-3

What the Buddha Taught, by Dr Walpola Rahula, has been regarded as an important introductory book on Buddhism. Using extracts from the ancient texts, Rahula gives clear and readable explanations of Buddhism's essential teachings, including: the Four Noble Truths, the Buddhist mind, the Noble Eightfold Path, meditation and mental development, and the world today.[1]

Dr Rahula has written extensively about Theravada Buddhism. His other books include History of Buddhism in Ceylon, Heritage of the Bhikkhu, Zen and the taming of the Bull and Le Compendium de la Super Doctrine (French).

Dr Walpola Rahula (1907-1997) was a Buddhist monk and scholar, as well as a writer. In 1964, he became the Professor of History and Religions at Northwestern University, thus becoming the first bhikkhu to hold a professorial chair in the western world.[2]

Publication data

  • Rahula, Walpola What The Buddha Taught, Oneworld Publications: Oxford, (1959) (revised 1974). ISBN 0-8021-3031-3


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