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Yongdzin Yeshe Gyeltsen (yongs 'dzin ye shes rgyal mtshan, 1713-1793) or Tshechogling Yongdzin Yeshe Gyeltshen (tshe mchog gling yongs' dzin ye shes rgyal mtshan) was an important scholar of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism, who was a tutor of the 8th Dalai Lama Jampel Gyatsho (1758-1804).[1]

He received his education in the monastery Trashilhünpo. In 1756 he founded the monastery Trashi Samtenling (bkra shis bsam gtan gling).[2]

He was a prolific writer, who left a legacy of 18 volumes of works pertaining to Buddhist philosophy, practice and ritual.[2]




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  • Treasury-of-lives-logo-sm.png ye shes rgyal mtshan