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The five personal advantages (Tib. རང་འབྱོར་ལྔ་, rang jor nga, Wyl. rang 'byor lnga) are identified within some Tibetan Buddhist ngondro practices as half of the ten advantages of a precious human birth, are:

  1. being a human being
  2. born in a central land
  3. with faculties intact
  4. lifestyle not harmful or wrong
  5. with faith in the three pitakas


Chökyi Drakpa says:

Being born as a human being means that you have a proper physical support for practising the Dharma. Having all five faculties intact means you can study the teachings and contemplate them. In a central land means to be born in a place where the teachings are available. A lifestyle that is not harmful or wrong means that your body, speech and mind are in harmony with the Dharma. Having faith in Buddha’s teachings means recognizing that they provide a special path leading to freedom from samsara, and a state which surpasses the situation of the worldly gods. When you possess these five endowments, 'the five personal advantages' are said to be complete.

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