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Go Lotsawa (b.1392 - d.1481) - famous Tibetan historian

gZhon-nu-dpal (1392-1481), also known as 'Gos Lo-tsa-ba (full name: Yid-bzang-rtse gZhon-nu-dpal) was a famous Tibetan historian and scholar, known as the author of the Blue Annals.[1]

Life and achievements

He was born in 1392 at lho kha 'phyongs rgyas. He was a student of the fifth Karmapa Lama, Deshin Shekpa (1384-1415), from whom he received the bodhisattva precepts, as well as Tsongkhapa, and was a teacher of the sixth Karmapa, Thongwa Dönden (1416-1453).[2] He was the abbot of the Karmarñing Monastery and the author of the Blue Annals.[3][4]


  • His most famous work, the "Blue Annals" (Deb-ther sngon-po), was completed in 1478, near the end of his life, and the text was dictated by him to some of his attendants.[5]
  • 'Khrul-sel, written in 1442-1443.[6]
  • His wrote a commentary on the Ratnagotravibhaga which extensively explored and contrasted Buddha-nature, described by Mathes (2008).[7]


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Further reading

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