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āśraya (T. rten རྟེན་) means "basis," "support," "foundation," etc. This term has multiple usages.

From Tsepak Rigdzin:[1]

1. Basis; support; that upon which something relies.
2. A dependent basis such as our rebirth.
3. Ritual objects, icons, images, offerings, deities and representations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

From Berzin Archives:[1]

Something that serves as the foundation or container for something else, for instance a house in relation to the people living inside it. Also translated as "what supports" or simply as "support."

From Ives Waldo:[1]

support [a technical term for physical embodiments of enlightened body, speech or mind], a hold, base, basis, foundation, site, dwelling place, abode, an individual, physical form, ordination, means of salvation, what is founded, cultivation, receptacle, representation, shrine, holy object, object of worship, depend on, have recourse to, symbol; physical form, body

Related terms:

  • āśraya-parāvṛtti, "transformation of the basis"
  • āśrayabala (T. rten gyi stobs), "power of support" (in Vajrayana practices)


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