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śubhakṛtsna (T. dge rgyas; C. bianjing tian 遍淨天) is translated as "boundless virtue," "extensive virtue," "pervasive purity," etc.[1][2] Lit. “Those Whose Virtue Is Complete.”[2]

Śubhakṛtsna is one of the deva realms of the rupadhatu, and also the name of the devas living there. Within the rupadhatu, this is highest of the three deva realms of the third dhyana.[2] Rebirth in this realm is the karmic result of accomplishing the third meditative absorption.[2]

Alternate translations

Alternate translations:[3]

  • Walshe: “Gods of Refulgent Glory”;
  • Samtani: “[These devas are] wholly auspicious”;
  • Gethin: “Complete Beauty.”


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