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Brahmakāyika (P. brahmapārisajjā; T. tshangs ris ཚངས་རིས་; C. fanzhong tian), is translated as "Brahma's retainers," "heaven of Brahma followers," etc. It is the lowest of the three sub-realms of the "Brahma worlds" (Brahmaloka), which are the first three sub-realms of the form realm (rupadhatu).[1] (Hence, it is the lowest "heaven" of the form realm.)

The beings in this realm are immersed in the bliss of the first meditative absorption (dhyana).[1]

The Pali term brahmapārisajjā means "assembly of brahma."[1]

The inhabitants of this realm are subordinates of Brahmā.[1] Like all beings in the form realm, the beings on this realm have only three sense organs: sight, hearing, and touch.[1]