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Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thayé

Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thayé (Tibetan: འཇམ་མགོན་ཀོང་སྤྲུལ་བློ་གྲོས་མཐའ་ཡས་Wylie: 'jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha' yas, 1813–1899), also known as Jamgön Kongtrül the Great, was a Tibetan Buddhist scholar, poet, artist, physician, tertön and polymath.[1][2] He was one of the most prominent Tibetan Buddhists of the 19th century and he is credited as one of the founders of the Rimé movement, compiling what is known as the "Five Great Treasuries".[3] He achieved great renown as a scholar and writer, especially among the Nyingma and Kagyu lineages and composed over 90 volumes of Buddhist writing,[1][3] including his magnum opus, The Treasury of Knowledge.

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