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Karma Chagme, Rāga Asya was a 17th-century Tibetan Buddhist scholar yogin. He was an important teacher in the Karma Kamtsang tradition. He was both the teacher and student of Tertön Mingyur Dorjé. He was the first of a line of seven Karma Chagme tülkus.

He was known for being a prolific writer and scholar, and for being the teacher of tertön Namchö Mingyur Dorje, who revealed a unique cycle of terma known as the Nam Cho (Wylie: gnam-chos). Karma Chakme was credited as a mahasiddha attaining an authentic emanation of Jinasagara, the "Red Avalokiteśvara".

He is perhaps best-known for his contributions to the Tibetan genre of Pure Land literature, with his Aspiration Prayer to the Pure Land Sukhāvatī and its commentary which are widely considered classic texts of the demön (bde smom) genre.

Among his many works belonging to the Nam Cho cycle, The Mind Treasure of the Sky Dharma: A Compilation of Extensive Instructions for Transferring to Sukhāvatī (Gnam chos thugs kyi gter kha las bde chen zhing du 'pho ba'i gdams pa rgyas par bsgrigs pa) is an important commentary on the Vajrayāna practice of phowa [1]


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