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prabhāsvaracitta [alt. ābhāsvaracitta] (T. 'od gsal gyi sems; C. guangmingxin; J. kōmyōshin 光明心) is translated as "mind of clear light," etc.

The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism states:

According to the systems of Anuttarayogatantra, this state of mind is the most subtle form of consciousness, which must be used to perceive reality directly in order to achieve buddhahood.[1]

Note that the Tibetan translation for this term that is used in the Princeton Dictionary ('od gsal gyi sems) is not found in Tibetan-English dictionaries.[2]

The Steinert dictionary does contain the term rang bzhin 'od gsal ba'i sems (རང་བཞིན་འོད་གསལ་བའི་སེམས་) which is translated as "natural mind of clear light."[3]

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