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Rudrāyaṇa-avadāna - a story from the Divyāvadāna collection of Buddhist tales, that explains the orgin of the Bhavacakra (while of life) diagram.

According to this story, at the time of the Buddha, King Rudrayana (a.k.a King Udayana) offered a gift of a jeweled robe to King Bimbisara of Magadha. King Bimbisara was concerned that he did not have anything of equivalent value to offer as a gift in return. Bimbisara went to the Buddha for advice, and the Buddha gave instructions to have the first drawing of the Bhavacakra made, and he told Bimbisara to send the drawing to Rudrayana. It is said that Rudrayana attained realization through studying this drawing.[1]


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