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Saṃbandhaparīkṣā (T. 'brel ba brtag pa), or Inquiry into Relations, is one of the seven treatises on pramāṇa by Dharmakirti.

Ernst Steinkellner states:

[The] subject of Dharmakīrti’s work is the refutation of all types of relation (sambandha), including the relation of causality, that were assumed by various Indian philosophical systems to exist in reality. For Dharmakīrti these are not given in reality (vastutaḥ), but only conceptually constructed (kalpita). In the introduction the import of this refutation for Dharmakīrti’s logic is highlighted.
...[this text is] a center-piece of the long history of Indian sambandha-reflections from Patañjali and Bhartṛhari onwards to Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta...[1]


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