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Ābhāsvara (T. 'od gsal; C. guangyin tian/jiguangjing tian 光音天/極光淨天) is translated as "ultimate radiance," "luminous radiance," etc.[1][2]

Ābhāsvara is one of the deva realms of the rupadhatu, and also the name of the devas living there. Within the rupadhatu, this is highest of the three deva realms of the second dhyana.[2] Rebirth in this realm is the karmic result of accomplishing the second meditative absorption.[2]

The realm is so named because the devas in this realm "flash radiance in all directions, illuminating all locations.”[3]

According to Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, the devas in this realm, as well as those in the five pure abodes (śuddhāvāsa), literally "feed on joy" (prīti-bhaksa). That is, physical and mental rapture is their only sustenance.[4]


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