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śuddhāvāsa (P. suddhāvāsa; T. gnas gtsang གནས་གཙང་; C. wujingtu tian) is translated as "five pure abodes," "five pure heavens," etc. It refers to the five uppermost realms within the form realm (rūpadhātu). These abodes are a result of the fourth dhyana meditation, and are only accessible to noble beings (arya sangha).

The five abodes are:

  1. Unexcelled (akanishtha)
  2. Perfect vision (sudarśana)
  3. Perfect appearance (sudṛśa)
  4. Untroubled (atapa)
  5. Free from afflictions (avṛha)

Access to Insight states:

These are the five Pure Abodes (suddhavasa), which are accessible only to non-returners (anagami) and arahants. Beings who become non-returners in other planes are reborn here, where they attain arahantship. Among its inhabitants is Brahma Sahampati, who begs the Buddha to teach Dhamma to the world (SN 6.1).[1]

Alternative translations

  • five pure abodes
  • five pure heavens


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