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asaṃkhyeya-kalpa (P. asaṅkyeyya-kappa; T. bskal pa grangs med pa, བསྐལ་པ་གྲངས་མེད་པ་; C. C. asengqi jie), or incalculable eon, is the longest of the kalpas in Buddhist cosmology. Despite its name, it corresponds to a precise length of time: in the Abhidharma counting system, ’incalculable’ (asaṃkhya) refers to the largest number, ten to the power sixty.[1]

In the Mahayana tradition, it takes a bodhisattva three incalculable kalpas, from the moment he sets out on the path to enlightenment by first giving rise to bodhichitta until finally reaching awakening.

In the Pali tradition the four intermediary kalpas that make a mahākalpa are also called incalculable kalpas.

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