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Jñeya (T. shes bya, ཤེས་བྱ་), or knowable thing, is defined in the pramana teachings as "that which can function as an object of the mind (T. blo)"[1]

Rangjung Yeshe Wiki includes the following translations:

  • knowable objects;
  • any knowable entity or phenomena litt. that which generates knowledge,
  • the phenomena which serves as a basis of knowledge,
  • the subjects, "what has to be known"
  • knowable things,
  • object of cognition

Alternative Translations

  • Knowable thing (Rigpa wiki)
  • What can be known or cognized (Goodman, The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening)
  • Cognandum
  • Knowable phenomenon
  • Object of knowledge


  1. blo yul du bya rung ba


  • Notes on pramana (Dorje108)