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praṇidhāna. (P. panidhāna; T. smon lam; C. yuan 願) is translated as “vow,” “aspiration,” etc. It is a statement expressing the wish that a specific aim be achieved.[1]

This type of vow is often expressed in the form of a "prayer," called an "aspiration prayer."

Notable "aspiration prayers" include:

Praṇidhāna can also refer to:[1]

  • praṇidhāna-pāramitā, the perfection of aspiration
  • one of the ten vows of a bodhisattva
  • pūrva-praṇidhāna (“prior vow”), a vow made in the past that has either been fulfilled in the present or will be fulfilled in the future, typically referring to the aspiration to attain buddhahood