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sahajāvidyā (T. lhan cig skyes pa'i ma rig pa ལྷན་ཅིག་སྐྱེས་པའི་མ་རིག་པ་; C. jusheng wuming) is translated as "innate ignorance," "co-emergent ignorance," etc.

It refers to ignorance (avidyā) that is deep-seated and persits from lifetime to lifetime.[1]

The Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary states:

Ignorance that is co-emergent with our innate nature and remains present as the potential for confusion to arise when meeting with the right conditions.[2]

Sahajāvidyā is contrasted with parikalpitāvidyā (imputed ignorance).

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Alternate translations

  • innate ignorance (Buswell and Lopez),
  • connate ignorance (Dzogchen Ponlop),
  • coemergent ignorance (Rigpa translations)
  • co-emergent ignorance,
  • co-emergent unawareness (Kapstein)



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