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akuśalakarmapatha (T. mi dge ba; C. e yedao 惡業道).[1] Literally, "unwholesome courses of action," refers to the ten unwholesome actions (karmapatha; karma), which lead to unfavorable rebirth.[2] Also referred to as daśa-akuśalāni (P. dasa-akusalāni; T. མི་དགེ་བ་བཅུ་).[3]

Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang states:

There is no end or limit to negative actions, but in terms of how they are accumulated they can all be condensed into three that are physical acts, [four that are verbal acts, and three mental acts,] making ten in all.[4]

The ten unwholesome actions are:[2][3]

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