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Mahābherīsūtra [alt. mahābherīhārakaparivartasūtra] (T. 'phags pa rnga bo che chen po'i le'u zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo; C. Dà fǎ gǔ jīng 大法鼓經) or "The Sūtra of the Great Drum", is a sutra on the doctrine of tathāgatagarbha.

The Tsadra editors state:

One of the so-called tathāgatagarbha sūtras that features teachings on buddha-nature. In this text buddha-nature is possessed by all sentient beings and is described as luminous and pure. It is also attributed characteristics, such as being permanent, eternal, everlasting, peaceful, and a self, that echo the four perfect qualities (guṇapāramitās) often ascribed to the dharmakāya when it is treated as a synonym for buddha-nature. It also connects tathāgatagarbha to the notion of a single vehicle and asserts the definitive nature of the buddha-nature teachings in general and within this sūtra in particular.[1]
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