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Nelug Dzö (Tibetan: གནས་ལུགས་མཛོདWylie: gnas lugs mdzod) is one of the Seven Treasuries of the Tibetan scholar Longchenpa. Longchenpa wrote Desum Nyingpo (Wylie: sde gsum snying po), a prose autocommentary to this work. Keith Dowman describes this text as a "magical psychotropic poem".[1]


Sanskrit title in IAST: Tathātva-ratna-koṣa-nāma.[2]

Importantly, the Tibetan Wylie "gnas lugs" is the analogue of the Sanskrit IAST "Tathātva". The online dictionary of the Tibetan and Himalayan Library identifies "Tathātva" (which is a Sanskrit contraction or compound of "Tathātā" and "Tattva") as synonymous with Tathātā and Dharmatā.[3]

Outline of text

The text has five chapters:[4]

  1. The Theme of 'Ineffability' (Tibetan: མེད་པWylie: med pa)
  2. The Theme of 'Openness' (Tibetan: ཕྱལ་བWylie: phyal ba)
  3. The Theme of 'Spontaneous Presence' (Tibetan: ལྷུན་གྲུབWylie: lhun grub)
  4. The Theme of 'Oneness' (Tibetan: གཅིག་པུWylie: gcig pu)
  5. The Individuals to Whom These Teachings May Be Entrusted

English translations

In 1998, Richard Barron opened the discourse into English with his translation of the Nelug Dzö in free verse with the Tibetan verse on the facing page for probity along with its prose autocommentary by Longchenpa, the Desum Nyingpo, with both works within the one bound volume.[5] The numerous embedded quotations from the Seventeen Tantras were referenced and checked by Barron against the collection enshrined in the edition printed at Adzom Chögar in eastern Tibet.[6] Keith Dowman has also tendered an English rendering.[7]

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  • Longchenpa (2006). Old Man Basking In the Sun: Longchenpa's Treasury of Natural Perfection. Translated by Keith Dowman. Vajra Publications. ISBN 978-9994664498. 
  • Longchenpa (2010). Natural Perfection: Longchenpa's Radical Dzogchen. Translated by Keith Dowman. Wisdom Publications. ISBN 978-0861716401. 


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Further reading

  • Longchenpa. "Gnas lugs mdzod" [The Treasury of Natural Perfection]. (in Tibetan).  (Digitization of the pecha of the Tibetan root text).
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