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Samāpatti (T. snyoms 'jug སྙོམས་འཇུག་; C. dengzhi/zhengshou) is translated as "attainment," "meditative absorption," etc. It is "a state of deep concentration produced through the practice of meditation."[1]

According to the Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, samāpatti refers to eight levels of attainment, which correspond to eight levels of dhyana.[1]

According to the Library of Wisdom and Compassion (Vol 3):

In general, when the meditative concentrations of both the form and formless realms are referred to together, they are called meditative absorption. However, technically, dhyāna the refers specifically the levels of concentration in the form realm and samāpatti to those in the formless realm.[2]


According to Buswell and Lopez, samapatti can be literally translated as "correct entrance."[1]

  • samyag means "correct"
  • āpatti can mean "entrance" or "aquistion"

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