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arciṣmatī-bhūmi (T. 'od 'phro ba འོད་འཕྲོ་བ་; C. yanhui di) is translated as the "radiant ground," "ground of radiance," etc. It is the fourth of the ten bodhisattva grounds (bhumis) according to the presentation in the Dasabhumika-sutra of the Sanskrit tradition.

Patrul Rinpoche states:

At this stage, the pāramita of diligence is perfected. All the obscurations associated with laziness (kausīdya) are purified.
Twelve sets of ten million qualities are gained, such as the ability to enter into and arise from ten million samādhi meditations in a single instant, and so on.
One can take birth as a ruler of the House of Gemini (Skt. Parākrama).
This fourth bhūmi is called ‘Radiant’, because bodhisattvas who have reached this stage radiate the fiery wisdom that burns away the emotional and cognitive obscurations.[1]