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prabhākarī-bhūmi (T. 'od byed pa འོད་བྱེད་པ་; C. faguang di) is translated as the "luminous ground," etc. It is the third of the ten bodhisattva grounds (bhumis) according to the presentation in the Dasabhumika-sutra of the Sanskrit Mahayana tradition.

Patrul Rinpoche states:

At the intermediate of the three lesser levels of the path of meditation, the pāramitā of patience is perfected. All the obscurations associated with anger are purified.
Twelve sets of one hundred thousand qualities are gained, such as the ability to enter into and arise from one hundred thousand samādhi meditations in a single instant, and so on.
One can take birth as a ruler over the Heaven of the Thirty-three, like Indra.
This third bhūmi is called ‘Illuminating’, because bodhisattvas who have reached this stage shine the light of Dharma on those beings who are enshrouded in the thick darkness of their negative tendencies.[1]