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Vishwa Shanti stupa, modern-day Rajgir

Rajagriha (Skt. Rājagṛha; P. Rājagaha; T. rgyal po'i khab རྒྱལ་པོའི་ཁབ་; C. wangshe cheng 王舍城) was the capital of the kingdom of Magadha during the lifetime of Gautama Buddha, and an important site for the teachings of the Buddha. It is one of eight important pilgrimage sites of the Buddhist tradition.

After attaining enlightenment, the Buddha visited king Bimbisāra of Magadha at Rajagriha and taught the dharma to the king and his entourage. Bimbisāra became a great patron of the Buddha and he donated land for the sangha to stay at during retreats (such as the bamboo grove Veṇuvana).

Vulture's Peak Mountain is in the proximity of the city, and the monastic university of Nalanda was located on its outskirts.

The modern name of this city is Rajgir.

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